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Our History

With over 25 years in the Bridal Industry in Japan, Voice Pro Japan has developed strong team of professional voice talent. Our English and Japanese bilingual staff supports overseas clients to find the most suitable voice talent for every project.

Our Service

Character voices

Voices for animation, radio, and live action production.


Voices for audio books、television shows, video games and film.


Voices for commercial advertising for television, radio, cinema, and online marketing and advertising.


Voices for foreign language film, art film, or television series.

We have an excellent team of native Japanese and other professional voice talent for your every need.


Meet Our Team

Let us introduce some of the finest voice talent in Japan.

Saki MaedaVoice actor

Manami HamashitaVoice actor

Paolo Andrea Di PietroVoice Actor

Daniel P. ArakelianVoice actor

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